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Thuy T. Tran

What interesting problems are you working on? What advice do you have for students entering the global workforce today?

Let this magazine be your voice. Your unique perspective can inspire other Beavers to share their stories too, and connect with our thriving community of 30,000 Oregon State engineering alumni around the world.

The alumni magazine will be published twice yearly and will include stories about alumni, faculty, staff, students, donors, and industry partners. It will also uncover interesting details that go beyond the profession, the impact of faculty and student research, mentoring, and historic-nostalgic tidbits from life at Oregon State in decades past.

Please fill out the form below and tell me what you’re up to so we can share your story in future issues.

This is your alma mater, your stories, your magazine.

Thuy T. Tran
Executive Editor
Senior Director of Advancement Communications
Oregon State University
College of Engineering