Take A Walk Through History

Learn about Oregon State’s historic “Engineering Triangle.” These five buildings represent the stories of the countless people who have passed through them.

Staying Flexible

Electronic shirts that keep the wearer comfortably warm or cool, as well as medical fabrics that deliver drugs, monitor the condition of a wound and perform other tasks, may one day be manufactured more efficiently thanks to a key advance by Oregon State University researchers.


The Catalyst Scholars Program was launched in 2020 by the College of Engineering at Oregon State University in partnership with the OSU Foundation and donors who are passionate about student success.

Till We Meet Again

Nothing tests a budding engineer’s problem-solving abilities like a real-life challenge and the COVID-19 pandemic has offered just that for student clubs.

In Good Hands

When Daimler Trucks North America wanted to get a handle on a dangerous and expensive problem in the trucking business — drivers slipping and falling while exiting or entering their cab — the company reached out to Oregon State University engineering students, who gave the entire industry something to hold onto.

A Scintillating Discovery

In 2015, a team of Oregon State University researchers devised a new solid-state, scintillator-type radiation detector that offers several key advantages over existing designs: It’s more compact, less expensive to produce, and, critically, does not require lots of high-voltage current to operate.