Racing to space

Jill Lewis, ’11, says her experiences as a student on the Global Formula Racing team helped her to launch a career in composites engineering — on a trajectory that landed her at SpaceX.

From Zimbabwe to Corvallis

Blessed Ndlovu, B.S. ’20, reflects on how far he’s come — and what he misses most — from his rural African home, 10,000 miles away.

Digital security for social justice

Glencora Borradaile, associate professor of computer science, hosts digital security workshops to help activists keep their personal data safe from prying eyes.

Mentor Match

Ecological engineering major Katelin Godwin gets some insight from Zachary Dunn, ’06, on the role of engineers in solving global problems.

Staying Flexible

Electronic shirts that keep the wearer comfortably warm or cool, as well as medical fabrics that deliver drugs, monitor the condition of a wound and perform other tasks, may one day be manufactured more efficiently thanks to a key advance by Oregon State University researchers.


The Catalyst Scholars Program was launched in 2020 by the College of Engineering at Oregon State University in partnership with the OSU Foundation and donors who are passionate about student success.

Till We Meet Again

Nothing tests a budding engineer’s problem-solving abilities like a real-life challenge and the COVID-19 pandemic has offered just that for student clubs.