Born to Explore

Astronauts receive extensive training on how to take pictures in space; the challenge is getting photos that look like what we see with the naked eye, in terms of color and vibrancy.

Parallel Paths

Gene Hill, electrical engineering alumnus, was born at the right time, and he worked hard to get to the right place, to permanently alter the landscape of the personal computer industry.


A $2.6 million investment in NVIDIA artificial intelligence computing resources will accelerate Oregon State research and teaching.

The Passion Behind Clean Water

Monica Morales, civil engineering alumni, is currently designing yard piping for the Pure Water San Diego program to support the city as it imports up to 85% of its water.

Beyond 40 Hours – Janet Knudson

For Janet Knudson, CARDV has been a perfect fit — a place to focus her energy and work in the background to stop domestic violence from destroying families.

Metamorphosing Metals

Somayeh Pasebani, assistant professor of advanced manufacturing, leads cutting-edge research in additive manufacturing.