Releasing history

Amrit Nam Khalsa, mechanical engineering ’18, didn’t even consider a career in aerospace until he was a senior. His first job after graduation? Testing and troubleshooting a critical component of the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope.

Four faculty win early-career awards

National Science Foundation and Department of Energy funds support projects in ethical AI, virtual energy storage, unsupervised machine learning, and conversion of waste nitrate to ammonia.

In defense of a ‘dangerous’ practice

John Lienhard, mechanical engineering ’51, warns fellow engineers that inventing is a risky business. It can disrupt the established order, render entire industries obsolete, and create an avalanche of unintended effects. We must do it anyway, he says.

Start it up

Oregon State Engineers are inventors and entrepreneurs who can find inspiration just about anywhere. Here are three stories about alumni turning their great ideas into new products and businesses.

Student’s success inspires family to help others

Mike and Barb Schmierer enjoyed their son Paul’s time at Oregon State almost as much as he did. Now, Paul designs the kind of fishing gear he used to only dream of buying. His parents couldn’t be prouder.

Spanning the globe

Rick Robertson, civil engineering ’85, had no idea how far he’d go when he left his hometown of McMinnville. Since 1989, his career has taken him around the world, literally, to work on major projects — the latest being the $5.25 billion Panama Canal expansion.

History by the barrel

Hidden in the dark recesses under Merryfield Hall sit a dozen old barrels, filled with concrete and arranged in rows. Nobody is sure who put them there or when, but they serve an important purpose.